compression testing machine / universal / tension / tension/compression
Wiretest 2



  • Test type:

    compression, universal, tension, tension/compression, force, peel

  • Sector:

    for laboratories, for the automotive industry, for the aeronautical industry, for production

  • Test material:

    for studded tires, for plastics, for rubber, for cables, for elastomers

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, electronic, digital, universal, for workshops, automated


The Wiretest 2 is a motorized force testing machine dedicated to the control of cables and terminals.

This universal test machine allows a force to be applied at constant speed and thus ensures high repeatability of tensile tests, regardless of the operator.

The operator places the cable in the lower jaw and the terminal in the upper carousel and then presses the START button. Wiretest 2 moves in tension until it reaches a predefined force or breakage.
During the test, the force and displacement value is displayed on the touch screen of the test machine and it is even possible to see the test curve.

At the end of your workday, you can view the curves and calculations of each of your tests recorded on a USB stick and analyze them in the optional Datastick II software.

If you wish to program more complete test sequences, we recommend that you use the Califort control software.

For more detailed information, download our Wiretest catalogue.