glass plate vacuum lifting device / pivoting
M2 series



  • Product applications:

    glass plate

  • Options:


  • Number of cups:

    2 unit

  • Carrying capacity:

    113 kg, 227 kg, 340 kg, 454 kg (249 lb)


The Typical Vacuum Lifters have built-in motorized tilt utilized for handling the consumers' tilting needs with ease. The powered tilting action is created to cancel any intermediate angle that is controlled by one person. The Anver Vacuum Tilters and Upenders are supplied with secure characteristics and have come to set tilting of supplies.

Each type has been changed over the years to better execution and to last longer. The pads, vacuum generators, frame, controls, hardware, filters, safety features and handlebars etc. are all new and improved. Every aspect of the lifters has been redesigned and the latest represent the best tilters be availed upon request.

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