stone slab vacuum lifting device / pivoting
GUP series



  • Product applications:

    for stone slabs

  • Options:


  • Number of cups:

    1 unit, 2 unit

  • Carrying capacity:

    Min.: 41 kg (90 lb)

    Max.: 95 kg (209 lb)


The Vacuum Lifters intended for the Stone Industry. It is for stone handling applications of all types including: Granite, Marble, Graphite, Limestone, Sandstone, Concrete, Bluestone, Sedimentary Stone, Slate, Ceramic, Clay, Countertops, and other Rough or Polished Stone Surfaces.

We assemble lifters which are strong, reassuringly protected and intended to be utilized day by day. They normally weigh more than our rival's and have bigger, more sturdy segments. We assemble with a 4 to 1 vacuum security factor in the vertical and 2 to 1 vacuum security factor in the level position. ANVER lifters have a 3 to 1 or better structural security element. We conform to all US safety ANSI, ASME and UL regulations dissimilar to transported in units. We have been building vacuum lifters since 1968 and have a secluded line which can develop with your needs.

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