welded plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / gas/gas



  • Type:

    welded plate

  • Fluid:

    liquid/liquid, gas/liquid, gas/gas

  • Material:

    stainless steel, titanium, nickel

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-performance, corrosion-resistant, custom, high-pressure, condensation, high-temperature, low-pressure, oil cooler, sanitary, seawater resistant, gas cooler, water cooler, counter-current, water-cooled, stainless steel, for corrosive fluids

  • Applications:

    industrial, for the food industry, for the petrochemical industry, for the chemical industry, for hydraulic systems, for marine applications, for the pharmaceutical industry, for heat pumps, exhaust gas heat recovery, for refrigeration, for the plastics industry, vaporization, for viscous products, for the food and beverage industry

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 35 bar (507.63 psi)

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

    Max.: 350 °C (662 °F)

  • Power:

    Min.: 1 W (3.41 BTU/h)

    Max.: 10,000,000 W (34,121,400 BTU/h)


Our line of Schmidt SIGMAWIG all-welded plate heat exchangers represents the most compact, rugged and cost-effective means of transferring heat in many industrial applications.
Built entirely without gaskets or with an O-ring type gasket between the all-welded plate pack and frame, they provide exceptional corrosion resistance. The exchanger features corrugated plates that produce highly turbulent flow in a true counter-current direction. The result is high efficiency in a very compact design. Due to the smaller size and reduced material content, welded plate heat exchangers can be the most economical heat transfer choice.