4-electrode conductivity sensor / digital / seawater / for wastewater



  • Technology:

    4-electrode, digital

  • Product:

    seawater, for wastewater, for clean water


The electrode works with a technology in 4 electrodes: an alternating current of constant-voltage is established between a primary’s pair of electrodes in graphite. The secondary’s electrodes in platinum allow of regulate the voltage imposed to primary’s electrodes to reflect of the fouling. The voltage measured between the primary’s electrodes is in function of the resistance of place and so, of the conductivity.
Digital Technology :
The “smart” Digital C4E sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor. This allows you a “plug and play” system without re-calibration.
Thanks to the Universal Modbus RS485 protocol, the PONSEL Digital C4E can be connected to all devices commonly used (Datalogger, Controller, Automat, Remote System…).