electrically switched permanent lifting magnet / handling
HL60-CE, HL60-CE-L



  • Type of commutation:

    electrically switched

  • Applications:



Magnetized and demagnetized at the push of a button, but holds like a permanent magnet Sharp-edged, greasy work pieces or hot flame-cut parts can be moved quickly.

Field of Application

- Usable in mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, plant engineering, steel
construction, shipbuilding, steel mill, transport
- company or materials storeFor flat and round material
- Fast handling of sharp-edged or hot metal parts


- Electric clamping and loosening at the push of a button
- Max. operation temperature 80°C
- Keeps being absolutely clean after switching-off - no dirt, no particles or chips are
- Up to 1,000 switches are possible with
- only one battery charge

Scope of Delivery

- Two batteries
- Battery charger