straight edges chamfering and deburring machine / weld preparation / with automatic feeder / angular adjustment
WKF 170



  • Applications:

    weld preparation, straight edges

  • Other characteristics:

    angular adjustment, with automatic feeder

  • Chamfer width :

    Min.: 0 mm

    Max.: 11 mm


The perfect machine for chamfering small to mid-size workpieces and bar material. Thanks to its angle adjustment from 15° - 60°, it is mainly used for weld seam preparation.

Professional advantages

- Simple and fast angular adjustment
- Consistent high surface quality
- Automatic feed facilitates chamfering
- Sharp-edges chamfering is possible, e.g. a 5 mm × 45° chamfer can be applied to a 5 mm
thick workpiece


- Minimum workpiece thickness 1 mm
- Can be used for steel, max. 1,000 N/mm², aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, from soft
plastic to acrylic glass, wood and much more
- Deburring workpieces up to weld seam preparation


- Mobile undercarriage with big rubber rollers and integrated swarf drawer
- Lateral stop for processing the front side
- Longitudinal stop for safe guidance of mass-produced parts
- Automatic feed for single-part and series production and processing bar materials
- Roller conveyors for extending the guide rails


- Angular adjustment from 15 °- 60 ° (set-out every 5° possible)
- Chamfer adjustment by micrometer button
- Speed control for processing different materials
- Uncomplicated tool change
- Hardened and polished guide rails
- Soft cutting pressure

Delivery contents

- Torx key T 25
- Plane cutter head with cutting inserts
- Lever support on the left side for setting the chamfer angle
- Operating instructions

Further accessories can be found in our Accessory Catalogue.