automatic assembly machine / for roller shutters / custom / compact
C1/TL, C2/TL series



  • Operating mode:


  • Applications:

    for roller shutters

  • Other characteristics:

    custom, compact, modular


For the roller shutter industry we manufacture special high productivity machines dedicated to the production of PVC roller shutters in single and dual strand, directly in the PVC extrusion line, with a productivity of up to 2 x 12 m/min, in case of dual strand extrusion. These are automatic modular plants complete with punching, interlocking, cutting and assembly units. They are available in the pneumatic version and with brushless motors for high speeds.

The single units are equipped with the necessary accessories (punch tool sets, interlocking tool sets and guillotine die blocks), which are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s roller shutter profile.


•High precision cutting and punching up to 0.5 mm in the brushless version
•No dust, swarf, burrs on the extruded profiles
•Compact units
•Modular system available with various types of interlocking systems
•Leading brand components
•Customised software according to the customer’s needs
•Process reliability
•Reduction of production costs
•Easy use and maintenance

Technical Features

•Punching unit
•Guillotine cutting unit
•Interlocking units with notch or pin
•Assembly unit
•Automatic handling systems for the rolls (optional)
•Available in single and dual strand
•Available as pneumatic machines or with brushless motors, depending on th customer’s production requirements
•Intranet application to send production data directly to the machine
•Label barcode scanner

C1/TL-6 and C1/TL-10
With notch or pin interlocking system

Automatic roller shutter machines in pneumatic version for an extrusion speed up to 6 m/min, or with brushless motors for a speed of up to 12 m/min.