foam cutting machine / for PVC / guillotine / profile
SM/L, SM/T series



  • Material:

    for PVC, foam

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    profile, panel

  • Applications:

    for extrusion lines, for foam panels

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, transversal

  • Cutting speed:

    8,000 mm/min (5.249 in/s)


This type of machines apply state-of-the-art technology to the longitudinal (version SM/L) or transversal (version version SM/T) cutting of PVC foam panels or profile panels in general extruded in single or dual strand and it does so without making any dust or swarf.

Performance levels make possible in-line cutting at speeds of up to 8 m/min depending on the width and quantity of profiles/panels to be cut. What is more, thanks to pneumatic height adjustment of the blade, profile panels of up to 25 mm thick can be cut.

Clean, precise cut with no dust, swarfs/burrs
Multiple longitudinal cuts using up to three cutting heads
Cuts flat, PVC foam and honeycomb profiles extruded in single or multi-strand
Blade height adjustment pneumatically controlled
Modular and versatile
Reliability of the process
Reduction of production costs
Easy use and maintenance


This machine can be supplied with one, two or three cutting heads to make possible in-line multiple longitudinal cutting of panels of up to 1500 mm in width for the standard version. The cutting position can be set to the desired width either manually or by motor-ized adjustment (optional).

This technology is most commonly applied in the cutting of PVC foam or honeycomb panels