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b maXX-softdrivePLC

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PLC software PLC software - b maXX-softdrivePLC


  • Function:

    programming, motion control

  • Applications:

    PLC, machine, architecture


With the new b maXX softdrivePLC, Baumüller has made separate control hardware unnecessary for specific applications. By combining motion control and PLC functions in the controller, Baumüller has created a decentralized control architecture for programming in accordance with IEC 61131, which makes the design of distributed intelligence in the machine extremely simple. Without complicated tools for control programming, control tasks ranging from simple allocation of digital inputs to complex control algorithms can easily be performed locally in the controller by using the ProDrive parametrization tool.

The b maXX softdrivePLC runs as part of the firmware in the b maXX 5000, b maXX 3300 and the decentralized b maXX 2500 Baumüller drive concepts, and is suitable for single and double axis applications.

With softdrivePLC, programs run in the controller and are highly synchronized with the controller clock at cycle times of up to 125 µs. Simple, specialized filters can also be programmed, in addition to many other benefits:

Cost savings due to elimination of control hardware
Fieldbus communication between two axes is eliminated
Easy implementation of master-slave functionality
Multi-axis access to parameters is possible