LCD panel PC / 10.4" / high-performance / real-time
b maXX



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    high-performance, real-time, embedded, Windows 7

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PC-based control technology

Our panel PCs are equipped with powerful components and based on open standards from the automation and IT world. As control units, they not only satisfy demanding real-time requirements for calculation-intensive applications, but can also take on other tasks such as visualization and IT connectivity.

The b maXX Panel PC has an integrated EtherCAT master, which meets all current requirements for information transfer within the automation system.
Maximum performance in control and communication

For centralized and hybrid control architectures
Windows 7 embedded operating system with integrated real-time kernel for demanding, highly synchronized control tasks and machine visualization in one module
Based on industrial PC technology
High-performance integrated EtherCAT Master
High-precision system synchronization through EtherCAT Distributed Clocks
IEC 61131-3 programming
Fully integrated into an engineering framework
Comprehensive motion control implementation