control foot switch / electric / single pedal / 2 pedals
F UN series



  • Function:


  • Technology:


  • Type:

    single pedal, 2 pedals, 3 pedals

  • Other characteristics:

    with cover, rugged


The aluminium pressure die-cast protective shroud (F3: aluminium sand casting) fully shields the pedal at the top and sides while the wide base provides a high degree of stability. It reliably prevents accidental operation from above by falling objects or careless operation from the side. Due to its robust construction the protective shroud withstands a drop of 20 kg from a height of 1 m.

The foot switch is uniquely designed to allow inclusion of additional equipment:
- Emergency Stop button
- Contactor on DIN rail as main power switch
- Customized installations (e.g. light indicators)