capacitive level switch / for solids / for liquids / threaded
Pro Remote



  • Technology:


  • Medium:

    for solids, for liquids

  • Other characteristics:


  • Process pressure:

    500 psi

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 260 °C (500 °F)

    Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)


The PRO-Shield feature protects against false readings due to coating or material buildup on the probe, while an adjustable time delay of .25 to 10 seconds can be set to ensure the most accurate readings. This product is applicable in Plastics, chemicals, coal, fly ash, concrete, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, feed, grain, mining, foundries, wood or paper processing, many other materials.

The apparatus has a point-level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials. It offers simple, "Quick-Set" calibration and adjustable sensitivity to less than one picofarad, making it highly reliable in a variety of powders, solids, liquids and slurries.

The said product can be used in bins, vessels, tanks, chutes and conveyors with high temperature or high vibration conditions. The Electronics may be located up to 75’ from sensing probe.