capacitive level switch / for slurries / threaded
Pro Auto-Cal



  • Technology:


  • Medium:

    for slurries

  • Other characteristics:


  • Process pressure:

    500 psi

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 260 °C (500 °F)

    Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)


BinMaster's Pro Auto-Cal is a capacitance probe with an auto calibration feature. It also offers external testing without having to remove the unit's cover. Quick calibration can be performed through a special magnet. The unit allows the simulation of a covered and uncovered condition without accessing the probe assembly or the electronics.

It also has a sensitivity of 0.5 pF for accuracy. A visual LED on the top of housing indicates sensor status. As it is working below the RF range, Pro Auto-Cal will not interrupt the two-way radios. The unit alerts users in cases of power failure. Its Pro-Shield feature compensates for material build-up to avoid false readings. It was designed for use with point level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials.