cut-off saw / for metals / for tubes / for bars



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for tubes, for bars

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, CNC, with automatic feeder

  • Round piece diameter:

    Min.: 8 mm

    Max.: 120 mm


Cutting solutions with high productivity
Tube Cutting Machine: CNC cold saw for tubes, profiles and bars
The highest automation level in tube cutting
The TS72 is a universal sawing system for cutting tubes and bars which is particularly suited for smaller batch sizes. All adjustments to changeover for a new tube size are automatic. Non-stop productivity with no downtime is ensured by the automatic axis control function. Cutting parameters are also set perfectly according to material, blade type and tube dimensions.
CNC cold cutting saw machine for non-stop, unattended production
Round, square, rectangular, flat-oval and other shapes can all be can be loaded without needing special equipment. Production changeovers are automatic and no keys are needed. Four different lengths can be cut from each bar; each one can be unloaded to different discharge position. The saw automatically positions the different length parts on the bar to minimize waste and maximize material utilization.
Optimal-cut automatic setting
No experience is needed to obtain parts of the best possible quality. Cutting is performed by following optimized blade advancement profiles already stored in the CNC and automatically selected based on material type and blade. This knowledge base maximizes saw blade life based on the application.
Value added production
After sawing, the parts can have the ends internally and externally brush deburred. An air jet effectively cleans the inside of each tube. Additionally, the entire production can be measured and certified.