DC linear motor / iron-core / synchronous / ironless
MCL series



  • Type:

    DC, iron-core, synchronous, ironless

  • Voltage :

    400 V

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, permanent magnet

  • Speed:

    23.33 m/s (76.54 ft/s)

  • Force:

    1,700 N


The MCL linear motor is suitable for placing tiny objects with precise measurement. The unit is composed of a main part, which has complete three-phase copper winding. The U-shaped component, which is filled with permanent magnets, comprises the secondary part.

The linear motor utilizes a modular design, that provides no cogging force between the two vital parts. The different mounting planes is suitable for the positioning of both the primary and secondary parts. Also, the equipment can operate within the force of 1,700 N and speed of 1,400m/min.

The unit's U-shaped part wraps the main component, that aligns the strength and offers no force attraction between the two parts. Thus, it results to maximum accuracy and flexibility due to its construction.