simulation software / programming / safety / control
SafeLogic Designer



  • Function:

    programming, simulation, engineering, reporting, control, configuration, control, safety, verification, graphic


Intuitive engineering of individual or EFI-connected stations
Detailed logic and hardware mapping
Graphic programming of function block diagram of up to 255 logic blocks
Comprehensive module library
Offline simulation
The "SafeLogic Designer" software tool provides simple and clear configuration and programming of the SafeLogic compact safety control. Start-up is quick, involving just three steps: Control configuration, logic programming, and download and verification. The intuitive operator guidance, the clearly arranged module and element information, graphical function block diagram programming with a comprehensive module library, offline simulation and a reporting function, simplify the engineering of safety-oriented applications. SafeLogic Designer can be used both on a stand-alone basis and as a Device Type Manager (DTM) in conjunction with the engineering framework, IndraWorks Engineering.