scissor lift table / hydraulic / mobile / with built-in scale
HTW series



  • Technology:


  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with built-in scale

  • Capacity:

    500 kg, 1,000 kg, 1,500 kg (1,102.3 lb)

  • Lift:

    Min.: 385 mm

    Max.: 1,050 mm


The mobile scissor lift table with integrated scale ensures ergonomic operation. This high-quality lift table with mounting scale has a wide range of applications in picking or placement in the warehouse, freight forwarders or in industrial plants. The scissor lift table also supports you during loading, filling or unloading machines, shelves, or production lines. The back is protected and the ergonomics and performance in the workplace can be increased if the goods are brought to a convenient working height. The rechargeable battery guarantees maximum mobility and makes the scale an indispensable mobile daily helper.