pulsed fiber laser marking machine / benchtop / compact / automatic



  • Technique:

    pulsed fiber laser

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, compact, for metal, for plastics

  • X travel:

    112 mm, 180 mm

  • Y travel:

    112 mm, 180 mm


The marking plane is easily and quickly adjustable in height up to 180 mm with the motor-driven moveable Z-axis and the focus finder. In the case of graduated marking surfaces, the scan head is automatically tracked by software. Depending from the lens, the marking field has a size of 112 x 112 or 180 x 180 mm. It can be moved from the center to the right margin.

The marking can be simulated with the pilot laser. Interior LED lighting allows observation of the workpiece when the operation door is closed. The workpiece holder is mounted on the groove plate. A rotary axis is available for cylindrical objects. The focus finder makes it easy to adjust the marking plane.

The automatic operation door opens and closes within two seconds. Material can be inserted manually or by a handling system from three sides. The extraction and filter system extracts pollutant particles, dusts or gaseous pollutants. It is available as an accessory.

With the comprehensive cabLase marking software the layouts are designed graphically, the marking can be controlled and the process monitored. Performance level d guarantees high security. Legal environmental regulations RoHS and REACH are observed.