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Thanks to its compact size, exceptionally light weight, and easy-to-deploy mechanism, the Tele-STTC is an ideal tool for measurement of areas that are difficult to access or require remote measurement high exposure areas.

Tele-STTC supports ALARA principles by allowing the operator to obtain measurements both quickly and at increased distances, due to its maneuverability.

Tele-STTC requires minimal room when packed (92 cm) and the pole can be extended up to 3.3 m (10.9 ft). The unit is so lightweight that even when unfolded, it doesn't need to be offset, and the pole and meter can be used together even for short range measurements. The meter remains at the user's eye level even when the pole is opened.

A shoulder strap can be used to secure Tele-STTC when used in the open position or simply to keep it attached while being carried.

The unit consists of a detector integrated on a telescopic carbon fiberbased pole on which a meter is attached by a connecting clip. The meter is removable and can therefore be used independently. Tele-STTC can be used with the Radiagem™ or Colibri® personal survey meters, which are not included.

The detector integrated in the Tele-STTC is designed for gamma dose equivalent rate measurement. The Tele-STTC extends the measurement range up to 10 Sv/h (1000 rem) and the distance from the radiation source when used with the Radiagem or Colibri.