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InSpector™ 1000



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The InSpector™ 1000 is a high-performance, hand-held NaI spectrometer for use primarily in first responder, customs, homeland security, and health-physics applications. One-click simplicity masks the sophisticated spectral processing facilities that lie within the instrument - providing a level of performance previously available only in more complicated laboratory systems. The InSpector 1000 is an instrument that provides answers not just data! With the InSpector 1000, users from law enforcement officers to Health Physics technicians can obtain the results they desire with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

InSpector 1000 has been designed for easy operation. The high-resolution color LCD display is clearly visible from bright sunlight to night conditions. The unit can be held and operated in one hand (even if wearing gloves). The convenient hand strap leaves the hand positioned to easily reach the controls with the thumb. This leaves the second hand free for other operations - holding a ladder, sorting through suit cases or packages, etc. In addition, for applications requiring flexible positioning of the detector relative to the object being inspected, the detector can be detached from the instrument body and placed in any position or narrow gap. This greatly increases the probability of detecting small amounts of radiation and precisely locating sources by reducing the measurement distance.