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air monitoring device / alpha particle / environmental air monitoring device / alpha particle / environmental - NetCam


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    air, alpha particle, environmental


The NetCAM has been designed to accommodate modern facilities utilizing networking capabilities to monitor airborne alpha particle activity. By combining the CANBERRA Alpha Sentry Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) sampling head with a specially designed external device providing network support, CANBERRA’s NetCAM resolves many of the issues faced by Alpha CAM users today. These include false alarms due to radon sensitivity, personnel safety, operating cost per sampling location, and remote monitoring capability.

The NetCAM’s sampling head contains a patented diffusion screen that removes up to 95% of the newly-formed radon daughter particles from the air. In addition, the spectroscopic algorithm is extremely effective at subtracting out the radon daughter interference from the transuranic region of interest. This physical and mathematical radon reduction increases the sensitivity of the Alpha Sentry, which in turn translates into a lower false alarm rate. The NetCAM takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology by allowing multiple CAM sampling heads (up to six) to be easily monitored from remote networking stations. This not only improves the safety of personnel by enabling a user to monitor a potential leak situation from outside the affected area, but it also lowers the cost per sampling location by sharing the operator resource.