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electrically switched electro lifting magnet / for sheet metal / battery-operated / compact
BM series



  • Type of commutation:

    electrically switched

  • Applications:

    for sheet metal

  • Options:

    battery-operated, compact

  • Lifting force:

    Max.: 50,000 N

    Min.: 11,300 N


Model BM is a perfect equipment for lifting flat materials. It has a flat bottom surface and is equipped with 1 or 2 magnets. It features a tip-off mode that allows dropping of excess plates, if multiple plates are picked from the stack and are available on request. On the contrary, model BMP is equipped with a prismic bottom and is ideal for lifting profiles, pipes, round materials and flat materials.
It has a robust steel housing with a charging unit and maintenance free battery of 12V. To avoid switching off during lifting, it is supported with a safety switch. Users can operate the switch lock magnet with the help of either infrared handheld control or push buttons on the magnet. The LED displays show the battery charge level as well as the acoustic signal.

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