hexagonal nut / stainless steel
CL-xx-HN / CL-xx-FHN / CL-xx-HN-S / CL-x-FHN-S series



  • Types:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Width:

    Max.: 0.98 in

    Min.: 0.03 in

  • Nominal diameter:

    Max.: 20 in

    Min.: 0.31 in


The heavy-hex nut model with a fanged face has a large bearing surface that protects the underneath parts from damage. The unit is suitable for clamping over a slot. It is fully machined from solid barstock to provide extra strength. The extra-tall heavy-hex nut, on the other hand, is used to combine two studs together to form a longer stud.

These hex nuts from Carr Lane are offered in steel or stainless steel components. These nuts are also available with a washer combination that is used to compensate when a stud and clamping surface are not perpendicular.