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DTR 8510



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Digital ratiometer for transformers
The DTR 8510 is a portable digital ratiometer for testing power, voltage and current transformers.

The DTR 8510 is totally automatic and uses a test method which complies with the ANSI/IEEE standard. Users are not required to perform any calibration or balancing.
During each measurement, the DTR 8510 self-calibrates automatically and checks:
•Open circuits, windings, connections and cut-off circuits,
•Short-circuits (excessive value of excitation current),
•Incorrect connection of the test cables,
•Polarity reversals.
The measurements are displayed quickly and accurately.

Functions - Specifications
•Transformation ratio: from 0.8000:1 to 8,000:1 (power and voltage transformers) and from 0.8000 to 1,000.0 (current transformers) - Autorange function,
•Testing by excitation of the primary and reading of the secondary, in order to guarantee user safety,
•Display of alerts in the event of incorrect connection, reversed polarityn open circuits and short-circuits,
•Digital display – display of the ratios, winding directions - % deviation in relation to the rated values and excitation current. The bargraph indicates the progression of self-calibration and measurement,
•Storage of up to 10,000 measurement results in internal memory,
•USB connection and DataView PC software supplied as standard to set up the instrument, download and analyse the measurements and generate test reports.
•Power supply by NiMH rechargeable battery with external charger (battery life of 10 hours in continuous operation)
•IP53 protection
•IEC 61010 50V CAT IV safety
•Dimensions: 272 x 248 x 130 mm / 3.7 kg