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titanium milling machining / automotive / for aeronautics / medical



  • Treated material:


  • Applications:

    automotive, for aeronautics, medical

  • Production method:

    small series, medium series, large series

  • Other characteristics:


  • Certifications:

    ISO 9001


Our company specializes in complex machining milling for small / medium / large series of parts with dimensions that vary from their machines, “for more details see section machines,” such work can be done on any type of material, titanium, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, etc. .. that is used in various fields such as Medical, Aeronautics, Alternative Energy, Automotive.
Our machines are all automatic and the vast majority have the opportunity to work unattended with any remote control with automatic loading by a robot, all the rooms are air conditioned and kept under constant control both of temperature and moisture, the finished parts are checked for metrological from Zeiss and Goddess, while those in work are measured directly on the machine with the utmost care.

All programs come developed by a ‘office CAD / CAM internal starting from the 2D drawing to the new technology of 3D, such executions are sent to the machine tool in a few moments through a wired Ethernet network, also the modified programs directly in the machine, are saved automatically Database, where they can be reused.