ceiling-mounted lighting / fluorescent tube / for shops / for storage hall



  • Type:


  • Illumination technology:

    fluorescent tube

  • Applications:

    for shops, for storage hall, office, for clean rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, waterproof


Creating a comfortable working environment that complies
with LG7 and BS EN 12464 requires careful consideration of
the applications space, task and mood. The Cooper Lighting
and Safety LSR is purposely designed to assist in these
applications. Circular diffusers housing the latest T5
fluorescent lamps provide high light transmission combined
with excellent diffusion for a uniform lighting effect covering
ceilings, walls and task areas. With surface mount single lamp
options and the ability to install individually or as a continuous
system, the flexibility to adapt to a variety of applications is a
powerful tool for the lighting designer. Cooper Lighting and
Safety LSR - in a complicated world, sometimes the simplest
solution is right in front of your eyes.