ceiling-mounted lighting / fluorescent tube / for shops / for storage hall



  • Type:


  • Illumination technology:

    fluorescent tube

  • Applications:

    for shops, for storage hall, office, for clean rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    surface-mounted, waterproof


Suspended systems can provide a dynamic
aesthetic feature within a space as well as being
an excellent format for direct and indirect light.
Vertex provides all these benefits. Designed
around the T5 lamp, it has an elegant low profile
design and is offered with a choice of louvre or high
performance optical panel technology. It is available
in white or silver-grey colour finishes and the
luminaires can be suspended individually or as a
continuous run of luminaires. Individual luminaires
are also available as surface mount versions.
With ease of installation through the simple yoke
suspension kit and snap-lock continuous end-caps,
plus the added benefit of integral emergency
variants, Vertex is a comprehensive solution for
many interior applications.