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drum screen / for wastewater treatment
R series



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for wastewater treatment


The sewage to be treated enters and is distributed in a tank which has the same width as the screening drum. The drum is made in a special trapezoid-section profile and, by rotating slowly, carries outwards the solids contained in liquids. By means of a skimming blade these solids are separated and removed from the drum, while the liquid enters first from the upper part inside the drum and out again at once from the lower part cleaned from possible solids. A further washing inside the filtering drum is done by the spraying nozzles. At each turn the filtering surface is cleaned from solids and ready for another cycle.

• Structure and components entirely in stainless steel AISI 304.
• Flow rate m3/h since 8 to 1720.
• Possibility to screen high fIow rates with a screen wilh limited sizes.
• Self-cleaning of the filter drum makes it possible to treat also liquids which are difficult with regard to screening.

Civil discharges, cattle-breeding, slaghter-house, foodstuffs industries, processing of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish.