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wastewater decanter / vertical
SLC series

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wastewater decanter / vertical wastewater decanter / vertical - SLC series


  • Applications:

    for wastewater

  • Orientation:



Film decanting allows to multiplie the surface of treatment water-sludge in the same settling basin.
This operation is performed with appropriately inclined parallel plates.
This helps to obtain a large number of elementary surfaces to separate liquid from solid.
This serves significantly to decrease the settling surface required for a certain flow rate of effluent.

Sewage enter from the top of the decanter and are conveyed below the film pack.
The flow through the inclined films allows the solids to be separated by gravity from liquid.
Solids formed from sludge are separated in the bottom below the film pack which is like an upside down pyramid. In the top above the film pack are collected the sewage without settling solids.
Sewage enter in a collection duct with a drain pipe through a special weir.

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