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moisture analysis balance

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moisture analysis balance moisture analysis balance - MS-70/MX-50/MF-50/ML-50


  • Type:

    moisture analysis

  • Weight range:

    Min.: 51 g (1.8 oz)

    Max.: 71 g (2.5 oz)


The MS-70, MX-50, MF-50 and the ML-50 are moisture analyzers that utilize the heating and drying method, which compares the weight of a sample before and after heating and drying. Compared with Karl Fischer analyzers, the MS/MX/MF/ML analyzers are much easier to operate and require a shorter time for measurements. At the same time, they maintain very high repeatability thanks to the incorporation of A&Ds Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) as the weighing sensor.

The Windows Communication Tools, WinCT-Moisture, is provided as standard for the MS and MX (optional for MF and ML). With the RsFig, the MS/MX/MF/ML can display a graph on a PC showing changes in the moisture rate while performing measurements. Moreover, with RsTemp, it is possible to determine the most suitable heating conditions for a given sample in a very short time. Specifically, RsTemp automatically changes the heat applied based on set increments and interval times within a range of 30˚C-200˚C. Given changes in the moisture rate over time, it can determine the most suitable heating temperature.

Another unique feature is that the MS/MX/MF/ML come standard with Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate. Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is a chemical material that has a stable moisture content of approx. 15.66%, and is therefore ideal to check for accuracy in order to maintain the reference value of the analyzer.

The moisture content resolution of the MS, MX, MF and the ML is 0.001%, 0.01%, 0.05% and 0.1% respectively. The MS-70 is the leading model and is capable of measurements as precise as those done by a Karl Fischer moisture analyzer.

Please see the Users Handbook for the MS/MX/MF/ML for further details.