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thermocouple thermometer / digital / portable / with built-in printer
HD 2108, HD 2128



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    with built-in printer

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The devices are designed to deliver efficient performances in the precise measurement of temperatures. They are extremely portable and outfitted with a generously-sized LCD display. Models HD2108.1 and HD2108.2 are equipped with one input while models HD2128.1 and HD2128.2 are provided with two inputs.

Temperatures are determined with the aid of various probes such as air, penetrating, contact or immersion probes. The devices are equipped with an efficient sensor system that incorporates thermocouples of K,R,E,B,T,J,N or S type. The HD2108.2 and HD2128.2 are capable of recording the temperature readings and act as data loggers. They can store 76 and 38 temperature readings respectively, at a time.

The devices are connected to a PC via the provision of a universal RS232C serial port or via USB 2.0. The stored readings can thus be transferred to the PC or to a portable printer from the devices to analyse data, calculate baud rates, study storage intervals or print out data via the efficient menu. The metered values are transferred in real time. The menu incorporates functions that evaluate minimum, maximum and average temperatures.