type 2 safety light curtain / single-beam / reflex type / laser



  • Function:

    type 2 safety

  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:

    reflex type

  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating range:

    Max.: 100 m (328'01")

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")


The laser barrier V5 is an optical device that emits laser beam with class 2 visibility. This device has a highly accurate laser that emits beams of diodes along with photo diodes and electronics with a high current output transistor. The diode laser beams easily align themselves in this device, and as a result the detection range comparatively increases.

The laser emits a beam that is modified and reflected back by the prism that is placed directly opposite the sensor. This beam is easily detected by the photodiode, which sends a signal to the electronic equipment to be processed. The presence of a product is determined by whether the beam is being blocked. There are certain things like beam modulation, a special kind of optical filter, and automatic correction that makes the sensor insensitive to the ambient light.