cartridge filter housing / for air
FPG, FPG Alexin™



  • Filter type:


  • Fluid:

    for air


The FPG and FPG Alexin™ air cleaner series are a family of two-stage RadialSeal™ engine air cleaners for medium to heavy dust conditions. The FPG's durable plastic housing offers installation flexibility to overcome demanding underhood space limitations.Applications Equipment operating in medium-dust conditions with engine airflow range of up to 9.8 m3/min / 346 cfm airflow per air cleaner — double throughput by using two units Installation can be horizontal, vertical, or even at an angle (as long as Vacuator™ Valve points down) Temperature tolerance: 83° C / 180° F sustained Do not install next to turbocharger, muffler, exhaust pipes, or other high-temp component Compressors and generator sets Construction and in-plant vehicles On- and off-highway vehicles Marine and offshore equipment

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