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V-CAD 60



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Can any employee operate your measuring device today?

We’ll show you how! The new V-CAD 60 with M3 combines a compact, mobile and precise measuring device with simple and intuitive software interface of the M3 measurement software – for measurements at the touch of a finger! The V-CAD 60 leaves nothing to be desired. Simply position the workpiece anywhere in the image field, touch the screen of the multi-touch panel PC to start the measurement and, in a matter of seconds, you have the final measurement and related report – quick – uncomplicated – reproducible and with a precision that sets standards in this class. The V-CAD 60 is now also available with the award-winning SAPHIR QD measurement and analysis software. Measurements with SAPHIR QD are simple: The part is placed anywhere on the glass plate, within the measurement range, automatically identified and then measured. Information, in the form of tables and graphics superimposed over the live image, is provided as standard – highlighted in colour for easy recognition of good and bad results. For more information, see section: Software / SAPHIR QD.
Intuitive measurement made easy

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