Measuring systems for industrial applications

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coating thickness measuring system / optical / for industrial applications / high-precision
coating thickness measuring system

The Industrial Calotest measures the thickness of coatings in a typical time of 2 to 5 minutes. In this industrial version the motor is fixed on a hydraulic arm, allowing the user to ...

video measuring system / parts / for industrial applications / CNC
video measuring system

The VMA-4540V/4540 CNC video measuring system provides a large XYZ stroke and a wide field of view. The touch-probe-ready model VMA-4540 is ideal for a wide variety of industrial ...

coordinate measuring system / optical / 3D / robotic
coordinate measuring system

... Robot-guided optical sensors for high measuring speeds and 3D analyses The robot-guided optical 3D measuring system is primarily designed for fast at-line analyses. At the same time, ...

cable lay length measurement system / for industrial applications / high-speed
cable lay length measurement system

... and Report Critical Lay Data – data acquisition system effectively collects and processes the lay length data and reports measurement results. • FFT Analysis Effectively Monitors Variations – closely ...

diameter measurement system / parts / for industrial applications / non-contact
diameter measurement system
AccuNet QC Pro

Economical, User-Friendly Off-Line Part Measurement System Quickly, easily setup an off-line diameter and ovality measurement system for quality control ...

basis weight measuring system / X-ray / for panels / for industrial applications
basis weight measuring system

... foreign objects so that high panel quality and significant savings of material and production costs can be achieved. The measuring systems that have been available so far are not capable of detecting ...

position measuring system / length / travel / elevator shaft
position measuring system

Shaft copy system – absolute positioning of the elevator car. 100% slip-free Extremely robust Maximum compact Simple mounting Stainless steel code band Measuring length ...

position measuring system / length / elevator shaft / for industrial applications
position measuring system

Absolute position measurement. LES is an extremely robust, compact and contactless SIL3 certified measuring system. Elevator car absolute position values are measured slip-free with a resolution of 1 ...

diameter measurement system / roundness / laser / optical
diameter measurement system

ATON Wire is a stationary dimensional measurement system for continuous monitoring of rolling and drawing mill production. To meet challenging return-of-investment requirements NEXTSENSE ...

geometry measurement system / video / parts / for industrial applications
geometry measurement system
CVMS Series

... -loop motion control, motor with precise positioning performance in high-speed movement. Using company’s embedded modules control motor, not only increasing motor speed accordingly, but also simplifying the interface ...

coordinate measuring system / video / for industrial applications / for electronics
coordinate measuring system
YF Series

It has a various functions of data processing, display, input, and output; especially the work piece straightening function; Equipped with RS-232 interface to connect to the computer. The specialized measurement software can be used ...

measurement system for industrial applications / laboratory / mobile
measurement system for industrial applications

Cutoff Measurement System Cutoff Measurement Systems with a mobile cell allow measurement and qualification of related products according to different ...

distance measuring system / light / optical / for industrial applications
distance measuring system

... can test and certify many different products. Our multicells system for signaling has many assets : - Stand alone system. - Compact. - High maximum load (25kg/55pounds). - Large ...

color measuring system / real-time / for industrial applications / in-line
color measuring system

Inline spectrophotometer for the measurement and evaluation of color in industrial applications for early identification and correction of disturbances. The ability to accurately and consistently measure ...

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X-Rite Inc.
measurement system for industrial applications / laboratory / portable
measurement system for industrial applications
StarLab 6, StarLab 18

... measurements in laboratories and production environments where space is limited, cost is critical, and the flexibility of a portable system is required.

optical measurement system / parts / for production lines / for industrial applications
optical measurement system
OptiLux SD

... Scratch Dig system has been designed to provide industrial metrology solutions for optics manufacturers who need to precisely evaluate and verify the scratch dig imperfections of different optical components. ...

multiphase flow measuring system / X-ray / for industrial applications / laboratory
multiphase flow measuring system
REX-CELL™ I series

I-Series: Measure Oil, Gas and Water With the experience of producing complex X-ray tomography devices with several sources and detectors, measuring complex fluid motion and density in real time and ...

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Flow Capture Germany GmbH
power measuring system / energy / for industrial applications / multi-channel
power measuring system
AcuRev Series

Multi-circuit power metering system that monitors kilowatt-hour (kWh), power, energy, demand, peak demand and time-of-use (TOU) in high-density applications. Best used for tenant submetering, ...

motor shaft measuring system / vibration / load / torque
motor shaft measuring system
Shaft Power Measurement Kits

... designed for measuring power and torque on drive shafts, applications including marine ship shafts, prop shafts and vehicle drive shafts. The trials kit measures the ...

visual measuring system / for industrial applications / laboratory / non-contact
visual measuring system
Sylvac VISIO 200 - 902.2210, 902.2211

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stop time measuring system / for industrial applications / mobile
stop time measuring system

mobile practice orientated any kind of machines fast and easy handling without electrical connection to the machine controls hhb GmbH – We are manufacturer of mobile ...

weight measuring system / 3D / for industrial applications / automatic
weight measuring system

... right solution: A fully automatic turnkey solution – comprising an in-motion scale, the latest auto-ID system and an automatic volume measurement system – identifies incorrect postage ...

coating thickness measuring system / coating weight / humidity / infrared
coating thickness measuring system

... product and permit the in line and in continuous measurement of the industrial process with a huge accuracy without any maintenance. Information are available and formatted to industrial standards ...

automatic measuring system / position / optical / parts
automatic measuring system

... , the Measuring System FLATCONTROL TC-FCT from Trützschler offers numerous advantages. Each card works within an optimal range, thus significantly increasing the quality level. Basic settings of flats ...