diamond band saw / for hard metal / for composites / for CFRP
BS200 S



  • Technology:

    diamond band

  • Treated material:

    for hard metal, for composites, for CFRP, for FRP, for graphite, for glass

  • Applications:

    for profiles, for sample preparation, for cylindrical products, for the automotive industry

  • Other characteristics:

    multipurpose, semi-automatic, vertical, with cooling system, precision, variable-speed, electric, manual actuation, with moving table, for laboratories, track


The Diamond band saw BS200 S is an economically efficient laboratory machine with a fixed sawing unit
Passage (length, width) 200×200 mm, cutting length (X-axis) 200 mm. Floor space 800 x 714 mm, 1858 mm hight.

The Diamond band saw BS200 S has a sliding table that can be manually moved while sawing. During operation the sliding table can also be moved by its own weight.

In terms of sawing different thicknesses, the machine can be easily adjusted. Slice thickness can be verified by using the manual lock.

The Diamond band saw can be operated with a dry cut or alternatively with cooling. Under specific conditions a cooling creates more effective cuttings combined with higher rotational speeds and higher feed rates.