diamond band saw / for hard metal / for composites / for CFRP
BS270 S/X/XY



  • Technology:

    diamond band

  • Treated material:

    for hard metal, for composites, for CFRP, for FRP, for graphite, for glass

  • Other characteristics:

    semi-automatic, CNC, with cooling system, electric, with touch screen control


The diamond band saws BS270 S/X/XY are small production machines
The Diamond band saw BS270 has a fixed saw unit
Passage: (HxW) 180 x 255 mm, cutting length (x-Axis) 400 mm.

In a standard version the Diamond band saw BS 270 is operated manually, but it can also be fitted out as an NC-controlled 2-axis machine.

The sawing force can alternatively be used to control the feed rate, which is defined by the speed of the running workpiece.

During cutting, the feed force as well as the feed rate is displayed on the screen.

The machine has an open, fault-resilient design. Both dry cutting and cutting with cooling are possible.

We build all of our machines in Germany at our premises. Components are subject to strict quality control regulations.

Both dry cutting and cutting with cooling are possible.