polyurethane adhesive / for plastics / single-component / UV-polymerized
1000, CTH, MSK



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    for plastics

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DYMAX UV and visible light curable adhesives for medical devices significantly reduce assembly processing costs. They cure within seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light and permit bonding of UV inhibited and tinted plastics. In-line inspection of the adhesive bond line is made possible with the patented fluorescing chemistry. DYMAX medical device adhesives are solvent-free and glow brightly when exposed to a low intensity "black light" and enhance the function of automated vision equipment for high speed, high volume production. These products are ISO 10993 approved and are ideal for bonding a wide variety of substrates found in catheters, reservoirs and housings, respiratory devices, needles and syringes, tube sets and fittings and other medical disposables. DYMAX MD® adhesives are compatible with gamma, EtO and E-Beam sterilization.