triaxial accelerometer / MEMS / small / angular



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    small, angular, industrial, analog


The new series 7576A sensors from Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a fully analog six degree of freedom (6DOF) sensor containing three MEMS–based single axis accelerometers as well as three MEMS–based gyros. The sensor will provide the end userX, Y, Z acceleration (g’s) as well rotational information (roll, pitch, yaw expressed in degrees/sec) around those three orthogonal axes. The series offers multiple sensitivity ranges and provides our end users with a highly capable, cost–effective, small size 6DOF sensor for a myriad of sensing applications.

The 7576A series utilizes a separate MEMS chip for each acceleration and angular rate channel with high drive, low–impedance buffering for measuring angular velocity in commercial and industrial environments. The sensors produce a single analog output per measurement channel. Six measuring channels available for X, Y, and Z directions (acceleration and rotation rate output per axis). The series features improved electrical noise performance and enhanced frequency response.