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cold recycler cold recycler - CRS


Eriez’ CRS Fluid Recycling Systems are self-contained coolant and fluid management systems capable of recycling any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential.

These units help minimize or eliminate disposal, reduce usage of fluid concentrate, and improve plant profitability and productivity. Systems ranging from small to large feature low maintenance, unattended operation and fast return on investment.

Custom configurations can include systems that recycle a combination of both individual machine tools and central coolant systems. To facilitate the moving of fluids to and from the CRS recycling system, complete plant distribution and return header systems with pumping stations are available.


• Separate dirty and clean tanks

• Automatic proportioner mixer – coolant make up & control

• Oil removal device -free-floating, non-emulsified tramp oil

• Coalescer - tramp oil separator

• Liquid-from-Liquid centrifuge – clean coolant to <0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matte