CO2 laser cutting machine / for plastics / for wood / for fabrics



  • Material:

    for plastics, for wood, for fabrics, for stone, for composite materials, paper, for cardboard, for glass, for ceramics

  • Technology:

    CO2 laser

  • Product handled:

    panel, for packaging, roller, multi-ply fabric, adhesive tape, single-ply fabric, for carpets, disc

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    engraving, marking, multi-function, chamfering, milling, labeling, contour

  • Applications:

    for the automotive industry, for industrial applications, for flexible PU foam blocks, die board, for thin materials, for heavy-duty applications, for aeronautical applications, for the electronics industry, for foam panels, for the toy industry, for acrylics, for ejection rubber production, for large parts, for mass production, for medical applications, for shipbuilding, for plastic film, strip fabric, laboratory, for identification nameplates

  • Other characteristics:

    flatbed, high-precision, automatic, high-speed, precision, CE, high-performance, gantry type, double table, roller, large-scale, multi-head, with CCD camera, with exchange table, high-power, multi-ply, robotic arm, metalloid, small kerf, for technical textiles, modular, mechanical, 3-axis, with water cooling, high-efficiency, universal, programmable, with automatic loader, large-format, with servo-motor, electric, with inkjet printer, with automatic feeder, high-rail gantry type, ISO, with automated loading/unloading, with optical registration, combined, robotic

  • X travel:

    2,270 mm

  • Y travel:

    1,230 mm

  • Cutting speed:

    Max.: 1.414 m/s (4.639 ft/s)

    Min.: 0.001 m/s (0.003 ft/s)

  • Laser power:

    Max.: 600 W

    Min.: 60 W


The XL-1200 model is a laser cutting and engraving system which has a processing area that measures 2,270 mm x 1,230 mm. It has a modular layout, thus enables any important components to be interchanged, and makes installation simple as it does not need any crane or low loader to install. The model is integrated with a sealed-off CO2 laser that does not need any servicing, and it has laser power ratings that ranges from 60 W up to 600 W.

The XL-1200 model has an utmost cutting speed that ranges from 1 mm/s up to 1,000 mm/s, and has an utmost acceleration of up to 3.75 m/s². It has the capacity to machine workpieces that measure up to 2,330 mm in width.