dosing dispenser for medical applications / piston / syringe / liquid



  • Domain:

    for medical applications

  • Type:

    piston, syringe

  • Applications:



The SmartDispenser™ Cyanoacrylate System delivers all the benefits of the SmartDispenser™ but is completely contained in the polypropylene syringe. Genius™ PosiLok™ pistons and tip caps are specially treated with a non-contaminating release agent that inhibits bonding between the cyanoacrylates and polypropylene. This positive displacement system removes unreliable moisture-filled air from the dispensing process ensuring good bond strength.

Medical device and other manufacturers have been attracted to cyanoacrylate, also known as “CA” or “super glue,” because of its short cure time and great bond strength. Available in thin fluids or gels, the adhesive reacts with moisture ions on the surface of the conjoining substrates, thus creating the bond. The bond strength is greatly impacted by the application of the adhesive to the substrates. Too much adhesive may keep the bond from curing properly while too little adhesive may cause the bond to fail.