chain conveyor / for the food industry / tubular / horizontal



  • Technology:


  • Sector:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, horizontal


The FLEXI-DISC line of tubular cable conveyors has been expanded by Flexicon with the introduction of this product. The main addition is the 15cm diameter system, which brings the capacity of the series to more than double. The company has also introduced a 10cm diameter conveyor, which is intended for the gentle transfer of friable materials, including cereals, beans, coffee, frozen vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, beans, snack foods, seeds, pet foods, teas, spices and other food products.

As for non-foods, the items supported include minerals, prills, chemicals, regrind, pellets of various types and other items, including tobacco and fragile products. The low-friction, high-strength polymer discs slide materials gently, while the quiet and dust-free operation is an important advantage. The stainless steel tubing makes the item more resistant, while the system can also be configured with single or multiple inlets that are either metered or non metered.