horizontal press / hydraulic / straightening / bending



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    straightening, bending

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, horizontal, universal, with rotary plate

  • Force:

    298.9 kN



The current version of the Horizontal Press, GELBER-BIEGER XL Plus, is a so called „Face-Lift“-Modell from the original version and was significantly enhanced based on the compactness (1,200 x 600 mm) this tool means unmatched capabilities.

Remarkable ...

Generally it is possible to work on two workstations. Thus tools can be mounted to the right and left, or it is possible to carry out the first step on the one side and the second on the other side. Exemplary are the other work alternatives: To allow an integrated turntable 25 mm round steel to bend to 270 °.

The Hydraulic fittings are universal expanded use of the machine are positioned to the side and are compatible with all "Gelber Bieger" accessories.

In addition to the optimal technical equipment of the GELBER-BIEGER XL is also excellent to use. Thus, the machine can be controlled with a sensitive manual lever. It scans very slowly and with a lot of feeling to the desired deflection approach. Individual parts may be individually addressed or already bent parts reworked, depending on the specification or corrected. The second, perfect control option is the specific programming. Up to eight program steps can be sequentially executed. These programs are either entered directly or by "Touch-In" method, that means you manually go to a location and save it.