solid & bulk waste shredding machine / two-shaft

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solid & bulk waste shredding machine / two-shaft solid & bulk waste shredding machine / two-shaft


  • Application:

    solid & bulk waste

  • Number of shafts:


  • Output:

    Min.: 20,000 kg/h (44,092 lb/h)

    Max.: 60,000 kg/h (132,277 lb/h)

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 30 rpm (188 rad.min-1)



The material size after shredding:

Bulky waste refers to the waste that weights more than 5Kg or volume greater than 0.2 cubic meters or length longer greater than 1 meter, and has strong integrity and needs to be disassembled for reuse treatment. Wood, sponge, metal and fabric are the main components of bulky waste, which has high recycling value.Therefore, reduced volume shredding and resource utilization are the only way to deal with bulky waste.

System Introduction

The disposal system of bulky waste is mainly composed of heavy chain conveyor, double shaft shearing shredder, iron separator, dust suppression system, intelligent control system and so on. Bulky waste is a kind of domestic garbage which is difficult to dispose. It is inconvenient to clear and transport, and the transportation cost is high. Conventional sanitation has not included this part in the collection and transportation system. In order to solve the problem of garbage siege, according to the characteristics of bulky waste, GEP has developed and designed an intelligent production line of bulky waste shredding and disposal system combined with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and intelligent technology.

Technological Process of Bulky Waste Shredding and Disposal System

Heavy chain conveyor or loader transports bulky waste to the shredding chamber. Double shaft shearing shredder crushes all kinds of mixed solid waste into smaller particles. In the shredding process, metal materials are automatically separated from other materials. Metal materials are automatically unloaded into the caching device by the iron separator.

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