universal indicator controller / digital / panel-mount
GIR 2002



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Microprocessor-controlled display, monitoring and
regulating device
● Universal input for standard signals, frequency,
Pt100/Pt1000 and thermocouples
● Switching outputs variably configurable
The GIR 2002 is particularly suitable for less complex control
The GIR 2002 is a microprocessor-controlled displaying, monitoring
and regulating device for universal use. It has a universal input for
standard signals (0..20 mA, 4..20 mA, 0..50 mV, 0..1 V, 0..2 V and
0..10 V), resistance thermometers (Pt100 and Pt1000),
thermocouples (type J, K, N, S and T) and frequency (TTL and
switch contact). Additional it provides switching outputs whose
switching functions can be configured variably.
The device has a EASYBus interface by default that makes the
GIR 2002 to a full-fledged EASYBus module. A additional interface
converter allows communicating with a PC.
Technical data
Measuring inputs
Standard signals : 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA, 0..50 mV, 0..1 V,
0..2 V and 0..10 V
Resistance thermometer : Pt100 (3-wire), Pt1000 (2-wire)
Thermocouples : type J, K, N, S, T