robot controller with teach pendant / touch screen

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robot controller with teach pendant / touch screen robot controller with teach pendant / touch screen


  • Characteristics and options:

    with teach pendant, touch screen


Large window High definition color screen
Perceptual intuition operation interface
Using function keys realizes simple operations

1.With the most developed GSK-RC control system in the domestic, the robot always optimizes acceleration/deceleration according to its actual load, as far as possible to shorten operation period;
2.The robot can monitor its motion and load, and optimize its service requirements by its built-in system information system (SIS), which gains longer continuous working period.
3.Built-in robot controller: based on ARM+DSP+FPGA hardware structure, controlled 4-8 axes, arithmetic speed up to 500MIPS, high-speed motion controlling on-site bus, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, CAN and DeviceNet's any one interface, continuous path teaching and on-line teaching, remote monitor and diagnosis functions;
4.The robot on-site bus (GSK-Link): high-speed real-time character, breaking contradiction between bandwidth and real-time, combining communication rate and real-time control, resolving data real-time interaction problems among different modules;
5.Dynamics self-adaption identification control technology: considering gravity, Coriolis force, centrifugal force and other external forces' interference, apply self-adaption identification control technology to improve the robot's dynamic performance.