ultrasonic cleaning machine / water / manual / process
Pulsatron UCR series



  • Technology:

    water, ultrasonic

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    process, for production, industrial, for industrial use

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, with rinsing, degreasing, 2-tank, spray, immersion

  • Capacity:

    21.8 l, 43.4 l, 70.8 l, 131.6 l (5.8 gal)


The Pulsatron UCR is an ultrasonic clean and rinse tank, equipped with a heated cleaning tank, an immersion rinse weiring for draining, and a handheld spray. It is typically used for production cleaning such as removal of oils, swarfs, polishing compounds, brazing flux. It is also used to restore computer parts and engine components and can be used in the preservation of mould tools, extrusion dies, printing components and many others.

The system is run by a microprocessor that permits the user to pre-arrange accurate cleaning times, and aqueous solution temperatures. Models included in the set are UCR300 Ultrasonic Tank With Rim Extraction, UCR450 Ultrasonic Tank, UCR525 Ultrasonic Tank, and UCR1500 Ultrasonic Tank.