ultrasonic cleaning machine / water / manual / for industrial applications
Pulsatron KS series



  • Technology:

    water, ultrasonic

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for industrial applications, for industrial use

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, single-tank


The Pulsatron KS range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks make use of Kerry ultrasonic generators for high power cleaning operations, as well as prolonged service life. The tanks are microprocessor controlled to ensure consistent accuracy. Solution temperatures may be defined in 1°C increments, at a range of 20 to 80°C, while sonics may be determined up to 99 minutes at 6 second increments.

All models in the range are made with AISI 316L polished stainless steel. These cleaning tanks may be used in maintenance operations to remove carbonized deposits, oil, mold residue, polishing compounds, solder and brazing flux, and the like. A Kerry Guysonic generator with Primewave® controls may be optionally integrated into the system for modifiable power control and dual frequencies.